Challenges Facing the Implementation of Youth Empowerment Programmes in Nigeria

This study focuses on the challenges affecting the implementation of youth  empowerment programmes vis-à-vis the National Economic and Development  Strategy (NEEDS) using  four Local Government Areas of Wukari, Ibbi, Gassol and Jalingo in Taraba State  as a case study. This study identifies the major challenges that stand as a bottleneck towards the implementation of youth empowerment programmes. Questionnaire was administered to collect relevant data which was analyzed, using the simple percentages method. It was discovered that poor monitoring and supervision of youth programmes, lack of funding, inadequate infrastructural facilities, lack of qualified youth personnel (leaders), poor management of youth recreational facilities and vocational centre, among others were responsible for the poor implementation of youth empowerment programmes in Taraba State. Having identified the problems, recommendations were further made to help in solving the problem. The researcher recommended that government needs to provide enough fund for the assessment and monitoring of youth programmes,  provision of well equipped vocational centres, recruitment of qualified youth leaders, among others have to be vigorously pursued and achieved if the objectives of the Taraba State Government concerning youth empowerment is to be ascertained. 

4 comments on “Challenges Facing the Implementation of Youth Empowerment Programmes in Nigeria

  1. In today�s society we need to put the most focus on the development and empowerment of our youth. Considering the fact that they are our future leaders, politicians and teachers it is important they are given the skills necessary for them to live a fulfilled life.

  2. I am developing a training plan on, “Empowering the youth to be instruments of change in the society.” for some Ghanaian youth.
    These are my objectives;
    *Explore the different ways in which one can encourage the youth to be empowered.
    *Identifying possible problems and solutions in the community and the value the community places on the youth.
    *Illustrate ways to get the youth involved in activities that bring about empowerment. i would appreciate comments and inputs. Thanks
    *Implementation challenges of the youth empowerment.
    I would be grateful for any contributions.

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