Causes, Effects and Remedies to Child Trafficking in Nigeria

This study focuses on the causes, effects and remedies of child trafficking in Nigeria using Ijebu-Ode Local Government Area of Ogun State as a case study. This study identifies the major causes of child trafficking that stand as a bottleneck in  Nigeria. Questionnaire was administered to collect relevant  data which was analyzed, using the simple percentages method.  It was discovered that poor family background, poverty, large family size, rapid urbanization among others are the major factor why many Nigerian children are vulnerable to trafficking. Having identified the causes, recommendations were further made to help in solving the problem. The researcher recommended among other things that, further ratification of international  legal instrument aimed at protecting human rights and combating human trafficking should be made necessary and also, effective implementation of all the ratified international laws and regulations should be implemented.

Impact of Child Abuse and Trafficking on the Academic Career of Children in Nigerian Schools


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  1. While reading your blog it seems that you research on this topic very much. I must tell you that your blog is very informative and it helps other also..

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