21 Project Topics in International Relations

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1. Civil-Military Relations In Nigeria, 1966-1999
2. Nigerian Peacekeeping Mission Under The Auspices Of The UN Security Council From 1960 To 2010: A Study Of Sierra Leone

3. Historical Appraisal of Ife-Modakeke crisis: Implication for Conflict Resolution in Nigeria

4. Nigeria-China Relations: A Critical Appraisal Of The Political, Economic And Cultural Bilateral Relations From 1999-2007

5. Impact Of Refugee Crisis On Human Security In West Africa

6. Nigeria’s Foreign Policy Under Murtala/Obasanjo And Abubakar Tafawa Balewa: A Comparative Study
7. Bilateral Relations Between Nigeria And United States Of America, 1975-1979

8. The Roles Of Domestic Factors In Nigeria-Israel Bilateral Relations, 1960-2007

9. Impact of Poverty  and Child Abuse on Nigeria’s Development

10.Causes and Effects of Child Trafficking in Nigeria

11.History Of Human Rights Violation In Nigeria, 1960 to 2014

12.Nigerian Foreign Policy And Economic Development Since Independence

13.The Nigerian Civil War: A Historical Analysis, 1967-1970

14 Military Rule In Nigeria: An Assessment Of Ibrahim Babangida Administration

15.An Assessment Of Nigeria’s Foreign Policy Under President Olusegun Obasanjo’s Administration, 1999-2007

16.A Critique Of Sino-Nigeria Relations, 1999-2012

17.Nigeria-Us Relations, 1999-2012

18.Impact Of Domestic Policies On Nigeria’s Economic Development Under President Olusegun Obasanjo Administration 1999-2007

19.Impact Of AGOA On Nigeria-Us Economic Relations, 2000-2012

20.The Impact Of New Partnership For African Development (NEPAD) On Nigeria’s Relations With West African Countries, 1999 – 2007

21. Impact of Ethnic Militancy and Internal Terrorism on Nigeria’s National Security, 1999 to 2012

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27 comments on “21 Project Topics in International Relations

  1. Impact of poverty and child abuse in Nigeria’s development. I need a material on the impact of poverty and child abuse in Nigeria’s development

    • Hello, your topic “Political parties and electoral violence in Nigeria: A study of Enugu State 2003 and 2007” might fall into two categories (1) A comparative study of electoral violence in the 2003 and 2007 elections in Enugu (2) political history of electoral violence in Enugu during the 2003 and 2007 elections. Unfortunately, we do not have sufficient data on patterns of electoral practices in Enugu and would not be able to work on your topic.

  2. Hi do u have material for this topic? Nigeria’s quest for a permanent seat at the United Nations security council: a giant dwarfed by domestic discrepancies.

    • Yes, its available and cost N10,000.

      Pay to: OMOTERE TOPE
      GTBank (0050329679.).
      EcoBank (5451074661).
      Access Bank (0037853426.).
      Stanbic Bank (0008940792).
      Send your email, name and topic

    • Hello, this is the topic we have “History Of Human Rights Violation In Nigeria, 1960 to 2014” and cost N20,000. Your topic fall under the category of new research as the period covered is from 1999 to 2015. This would cots you N6000 per chapter.

  3. Good morning.I came across the various topics.they are good.I am interested in NEPAD ,Nigeria and her relations with west Africa. But sir most of the topics do not deal with contemporary issues.pls you may wish to add more for PhD candidates.thanks.

    • Hello Emmanuel,
      Thank you for your suggestion. PhD topics are not to be sold online as it amounts to plagiarism. They are tailored according to the request of each candidate. For your topic on NEPAD, we can help you work on it. Call 08077447220.

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