1.1 Background to the Study

Research on teaching methods has for long been of interest to educationist. However, some studies have been carried out on certain aspects of the programme but have not investigated the academic performance of pupils in Nursery and Primary level of education in the use of some specific teaching methods.

Research evidence shows that the challenges confronting the nursery and primary school teachers are basically on the methods of imparting the knowledge. It was argued by Adufe (2008) that teaching is based on methods which at the long run bring about effective teaching.

Teaching, according to Oladipo and Ayeni (2000) involves bringing about or at least facilitating desirable changes in learners. However, effective teaching requires the teacher to step out of the realm of personal experience and step into the world of the learners. (Brown, 1997). It is the learner who must be engage for learning to occur, the learner is the one who must take the commitment to learn.

Adufe (2008) affirms that many methods of teaching exist in education and these methods are meant to make teacher succeed in their bid to disseminate knowledge.

However, the success in the use of any method differs as a result of an intelligent analysis of the objectives, the pupils in class, the curriculum content or the type of subject matter.

1.2     Statement of the Problem

          Many methods of teaching exist in education. All the strategies are meant to make teachers succeed in their bid to disseminate knowledge. However, little are considered on some factors that are necessary before selecting the appropriate method. Also the methods used in teaching the young ones are not effective for their teaching and learning and this negate their academic performance.

1.3     Purpose of the Study

          The purpose of the study is to:

i) Find out the factors needed to be considered before the selection of any teaching methods

ii) Analyse different methods of teaching in terms of their advantages and disadvantages

iii) Compare basically two different methods of teaching and their effectiveness in classroom setting.

1.4     Research Questions

(i) What are the factors needed to be considered before the selection of teaching methods?

(ii) Will the attitude and learning of pupils depend on these factors?

  1. Is there any significant difference between the methods of teaching in Nursery and Primary schools?
  2. What effects are play way method and story telling method have on the academic performance of pupils?

1.5    Significance of the Study

         The result of this study will provide basis for effective teaching methods by Nursery and Primary school teachers to modify or reinforce pupils’ academic performance.

1.6    Scope/Delimitation

         This study will focus mainly on the story telling and playway methods and their effectiveness in the performance of pupils in Nursery and primary schools in Ijebu-Ode Local Government Area of Ogun State.


Request for the complete project: N5000

08077447220, 08074472654


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