100 Best Businesses to Start Before You Graduate











100 Best Businesses (Download Free Version Here)

Copyright © 2011 by Tope Omotere
ISBN 978-9784964029

The essence of existence is to leave the world better than we met it. The youth who comprise the bulk of Nigerian undergraduates should strive to achieve this status of leaving the world better than they met it. However, in an age dominated by unbridled poverty, grave unemployment and dearth of essential necessities of life, the youth are challenged in many facets. At a time when the tuition fee is not forthcoming, books are not at affordable prices, cost of transportation is skyrocketing, adequate feeding is a mirage, cost of accommodation is high, health services is expensive, the undergraduate that must swim to glory must be creative and positive in leading a successful life.

This book, 100 Best Businesses to Start Before You Graduate is about freeing oneself from the shackles of poverty, intellectual bankruptcy, mediocrity, frustration and delusion. The book instills confidence in the ability of the individual to solve his financial problems without resorting to criminality. It reinforces the innate ability to be creative and productive, rather than to be idle and dependent.

The book is divided into seven main chapters which are preceded by an introduction. This introduces the reader to why one needs a business of his or her own while pursuing high grade simultaneously. Chapter one centres on the experience of the authors in the business world as undergraduates. This chapter must be read by any undergraduate intending to start a business no matter the scale. Chapter two is a graphic illustration of about 100 business opportunities which students can do while on campus. Chapters three and four are useful guide to starting a profitable campus business. Chapters five and six discuss the salient points on marketing strategies and how to combine academics with business. The last chapter introduces the reader to legal ways by which start-up money could be raised for campus business.



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