History and Diplomatic Studies

Contemporary History project topics with free proposals

Proposals are free. Just click on the topic to download the proposal. Full projects cost $12 (₦5000)


21 comments on “History and Diplomatic Studies

  1. Please,I need a complete project on the role of the west Africa community in conflict resolution ,using Liberia as case study.

    • Please check the topic and confirm if this is what you mean:
      ECOMOG and Regional Peacekeeping in West Africa: A Study in the Role of Nigeria
      Proposal Cost N5000
      Buy Complete Project ₦30,000

  2. I saw this topic Nigeria-China Relations: A Critical Appraisal Of The Political, Economic And Cultural Bilateral Relations From 1999-2007 (Cost N3000) but my supervisor made some changes can you help me effect the changes as well on/to ” Nigeria-China
    Relations: A Critical Appraisal Of The Economic And Cultural Bilateral relations from 1970-1990

  3. Pls help me wit chapter one of dis topic for me to view and state the bank dat i will make payment. “the relationship between school location and students academic performance in jos south senetorial district of jos plateau state”

    • Hello Babailo, your request is understood. However, the least you can get for a fresh undergraduate project topic is N6000 per chapter (multiply by the number of chapters (6000 x 5 = N30,000). Master and PhD projects cost more.

      Kindly understand that the new topic will take three working days to complete a single chapter and the cost cover the cost of corrections.

  4. Can I Have Complete Work Of This Project Topic; The History And Activities Of The Three Main Nations In Nigeria: The Hausa/Fulani Nation, The Igbo Nation And The Yoruba Nation

  5. I am from Cameroon and working on the Bakassi Crisis: The Workability of the GTA(2006-2018)
    Any material on that
    How to pay

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