The Challenges Affecting the Implementation of Universal Basic Education in Nigeria

This study focuses on the challenges affecting the implementation of Universal Basic Education (UBE) in Nigeria using Ijebu-Ode Local Government Area of Ogun State as a case study. This study identifies the major challenges that stand as a bottleneck towards the implementation of Universal Basic Education. Questionnaire was administered to collect relevant data which was analyzed, using the simple percentages method. It was discovered that poor monitoring and supervision of schools, working distance, inadequate infrastructural facilities, lack of qualified personnel (teachers) among others were responsible for poor implementation of the programme. The study further provided suggested solution to these problems.

Globalization and Nigerian Foreign Policy: A Historical Analysis

This study examines the impact of globalization on the formulation and
implementation of Nigeria’s foreign policy. It also looks at the evolution,
theories and forces of globalization as it affects the peoples of various
regions and their relationship with others. The development of Nigeria’s
foreign policy under different leaders was also examined. The study looks
at the correlation between globalization and Nigeria’s foreign policy with
emphasis on the determinants of Nigeria’s foreign policy. Historical
research method was adopted for this research. Both primary and
secondary source materials were sourced in carrying out this research
work. The study reveals that Nigeria is yet to benefit from globalization in
the conduct of external relations. This is because the domestic factors that
determine Nigeria’s (i.e. economy, military, demography, leadership,
constitution, etc.,) are not fully developed to give Nigeria the leverage to
assert her influence at the regional level and on the global scene. It was
recommended that the factors that impede Nigeria’s foreign policy (i.e.
poor leadership, corruption, underdeveloped economy, etc.,) should be
looked into and resolved so that the country can benefit from globalization
as other industrialized countries of the world have been doing.